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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Section 422(b)

Instructions and Help about Section 422(b)

Today we received a call for an AC not working first thing you want to do is obviously check the temperature coming out of your registers right now it's at 80 point five next you want to go to where your return air is this is usually where the filter and the blower is located and you want to take the temperature there right now it's at 82 so we do know right now we do have a problem there should be at least a 15 to 20 degree difference from your return air to your register next what you will want to do is you'll want to throw your gauges and connect it to your condensing unit outside so right here you can see my high side and my low side my high site is giving me a reading it is showing me that the compressor is running the problem we're having with this one is that the freon is very low now this system right now has r22 in it we're going to be converting it today to the r4 22 B or the Nu 22 this is going to be the drop-in replacement for the r22 what we're going to do now is we're going to replace the Schrader valves now there are many different Schrader valve removal tools but you can see here this is the old Schrader valve and we're going to put in the new one this is the new Schrader valve and we're basically going to put the new Schrader valve inside you want to do this on the high and the low side now there are three things that I want to mention that I won't be showing on this video for lack of time which I do have videos posted whenever you are doing a drop-in replacement for your r22 the first thing you want to do is perform an acid test they are these little test strips that you put on your high or low pressure side and you basically press inside the Schrader valve and let it touch the strip if it changes color you know there's acid in your system you'll have to basically do an acid flush in your system if that's the case that's very rarely does it happen maybe about 10 percent of the time secondly you want to do a proper recovery on your system and thirdly you want to do a proper vacuum on your system make sure that you follow these steps you'll do the acid test you'll do the recovery and then you'll do the vacuum I do have videos posted on my channel showing you how to do that but for a lack of time I won't be able to do it on this video but make sure that you do follow the right procedures whenever you are working on your system once you finish performing a proper vacuum you'll close your high and low pressure side on your.


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Talk about your undergraduate research (senior thesis), any academic honors, any projects you assisted with, and note one or two strong writing samples. I don’t know for sure what their application entails, but many graduate programs want to know about these.
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